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Oakland Schools Technical Campuses

Culinary Arts/Hospitality

What You’ll Learn

Students cook alongside professional chefs to create amazing gourmet cuisine using a broad background of skills and knowledge. Students utilize industry based tools, equipment and technology and are trained in business procedures. Students teams operate a restaurant and provide catering services, crafting
and presenting delicious gourmet creations while preparing for competitions and events.

Students become proficient in the use of point-of-sale systems and communicating with guests. Training is provided in cooking, menu design, staffing and scheduling, food preparation and financial management, as well as fundamentals of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries.

Licenses/Certificates Available

  • Servsafe Food Handlers
  • Servsafe Manager
  • Servsafe Allergens

Available at All campuses


Northeast Campus • Randy Maddock, Counselor • 248.451.2710 •

Northwest Campus • Anne George, Counselor • 248.922.5802 •

Southeast Campus • Angela Haley, Counselor • 248.288.4020 •

Southwest Campus • Amy Flynn, Counselor • 248.668.5608 •