Oakland Schools Technical Campuses provide practical career technical education to high school students in Oakland County. 

Enrolled students spend part of their day studying  at their home district and the other part actively involved in one of OSTC's several career driven programs.

As the elite source of hands-on learning in Oakland County, Oakland Schools Technical Campuses (OSTC) deliver real results that go beyond the career and technical side of education. Our programs help improve students’ academic performance as well by igniting their interest and passion to succeed.

OSTC expands student opportunities, giving them a head start on college and career planning and showing them what they can become if they work hard. This gets them fired up to make the grades and achievements they need to pursue their passion. We see it all the time, and it’s our mantra: explore, experience, excel. If students can explore and experience their interests now, they’re going to excel. That’s why 76.5% of OSTC students progress to postsecondary learning after high school graduation, compared to 70% of career and technical education students nationally.

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Meet David

Computer networking student.

"At OSTC, you can learn an incredible amount about your chosen field while making lifelong friends."