New Medical Assisting Program at Southeast

New Medical Assisting Program at Southeast

There’s a new program in town.

OSTC-SE New Nursing Assisting Program

Medical Assisting started this September and is quickly becoming a popular topic around campus. Instructor Ann Jensen has already moved her students from the classroom and into the lab for hands on experience.

Students dived into the curriculum by dissecting chicken wings, then graduating to sheep hearts, brains, eyeballs, and rats. Other essential skills to be covered over the course of the year include EKG machine training, drawing blood, finding injection sites, and the art of suturing.

In addition to technical instruction, Mrs. Jensen places an emphasis on teaching her students the soft skills closely associated with medical assisting in the field. By learning how to work alongside physicians, ensure patient confidentiality, and the importance of keeping accurate records, the program graduates will be well-rounded and ready for work-based opportunities in the healthcare industry.


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