HOSA 2018 Regional Results

HOSA 2018 Regional Results

On November 30, 2018, OSTC-SW Health Sciences students competed at Novi High School in the HOSA (Health Occupational Students of America) Region 8 Conference. A total of 32 students qualified to move on and compete at the State Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, in March. Congratulations to all!


Ashley Anderson (WLW, 12th) & Madisen Page (WLW, 12th), Top Ten
McKenzie Chappell (Milford, 12th) & Chad Major (West Bloomfield, 12th), Top Ten

CPR/First Aid

Elle Shelvey (WLC, 12th) & Taylor Weinert (WLN, 11th), 2nd Place
Emmett Ashby (S Lyon, 12th) & Christina Wilson (Lakeland, 11th), Top Ten
Angel Jidas-Gray (WLN, 12th) & Mariel Jidas-Gray (WLN, 12th), Top Ten
Breeona Keinath (WLW, 11th) & Brianna Riva (WLW, 12th), Top Ten
Alexandria Kintz (Lakeland, 11th) & Lauren Sullivan (Lakeland, 11th), Top Ten    

Nursing Assisting

Elena Smith (Lakeland, 11th), 1st Place
Miles Katchorek (C’ville, 11th), 3rd Place
Jenna Draffen (South Lyon, 12th), Top Ten
Jhonny Ponce-Gonzalez (Lakeland, 11th), Top Ten
Makayla Sheppy (WLW, 11th), Top Ten
Sierra Steckle (South Lyon, 11th), Top Ten
Julia Summa (WLC, 12th), Top Ten
Eugina Kucherenko (WLC, 11th), Top Ten
Grace Flynn (WLW, 11th), Top Ten 

Personal Care

Jaida Boals (Novi, 11th), 1st Place

Physical Therapy 

Hannah Low (W. Bloomfield, 11th), Top Ten
Olivia Shay (Lakeland, 12th), Top Ten

Extemporaneous Health Poster

Meredith Jeffery (Milford,1th), Top Ten

Job Seeking Skills

Kayla Shepherd (SL East), 1st Place
Nihal Suthakar (C’ville, 12th), 2nd Place

Healthcare Photography

Carson White (South Lyon, 11th), 2nd Place

Health Career Display

Emily Darnell (SL East, 12th) & Sabrina Gillenkirk (Lakeland,12th), Top Ten

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