Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics class project gets green light

The OSTC-SW Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics program purchased 76 Arduino-based smart robot car kits for students to build and program at home. These robots are 4-wheel drive and come with an assortment of sensors and motor controllers for the students to assemble and program, making their class concepts and knowledge come to life.  

The class is currently doing one lesson a week with these robots. So far, students have covered basic motor control, controlling the robot with various remotes like IR control, Bluetooth, and autonomous line tracking. Students will be learning more advance autonomous topics in the near future.  

Instructors Mr. Elkowitz and Mr. Sortzi hope these kits will continue to ignite their students’ passions by giving them a hands-on experience at home through building, wiring, programming and troubleshooting the smart robot vehicle.


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