Team 7553, OSTC Sweetbots take first place in robotics competition

OSTC students participating in the Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) competition on Oct. 23 won First Place. Team 7553, OSTC Sweetbots topped15 competing high school teams to place first in the competition held at Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills.

They also won the Quality Award, which is given to the team that best exemplifies a quality robotics program. The recipient of this award must employ quality practices in an effective manner in team organization, team management and the robot building process.

The OCCRA is a full-contact robotics competition where students build and control 120- pound robo-gladiators to place balls or achieve other goals while opponents try to stop them. OCCRA generates enthusiasm for technical and academic disciplines such as design, engineering, physics and electronics, providing recognition and encouragement for students. OCCRA participants not only learn practical applicable knowledge, but also the skills of working collaboratively in groups, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and quick thinking on their feet.

Congratulations Team 7553, OSTC Sweetbots!

Students with their robot created for OCCRA competition

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