Walled Lake senior credits success to OSTC Cybersecurity program

Last year, Andre Johnson, a senior at Walled Lake Central High School, decided to attend the Computer Networking - Cybersecurity program at Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Southwest, which he found to be quite helpful.

“I completed the Computer Networking program and gained several industry-recognized certifications thanks to the program's hybrid teaching method of detailed instruction followed by practical hands-on labs with actual hardware and equipment,” he explained.

Still interested in learning more about the subject, Johnson discovered a cybersecurity professional boot camp available through the University of Michigan. The course was a 430-hour accelerated cybersecurity class taught by heavily experienced cybersecurity professionals with the goal of preparing individuals to work in the cybersecurity, networking and IT industries.

“After enrolling in the program, I took a 30-hour introductory course followed by an exam that would require a 70% or higher to move to the full course,” said Johnson. “I was able to pass the exam with a 95% and move on to the full course. Nearly everything within that introductory course and exam were on topics I had previously covered in my first year during the Computer Networking program.”

Johnson is currently in the fourth month of the nine-month program and is working toward getting his Cisco Cyber Ops and Cisco CCNA certifications with the hope of being employed as a network engineer upon graduation.  

“With the initial training and counseling I got during my first year at OSTC, I was able to take advantage of all the opportunities around me, and for that, I accredit my success to OSTC SW," he said.

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