Parents, give your child a head start on his or her career while earning college credits and industry certifications at no cost for your family.

At the Oakland Schools Technical Campuses (OSTC), students explore their interests and potential career paths now, before spending money on college or trade school. Not only do they get hands-on experience in multi-million dollar, cutting-edge facilities, students are taught by professionals in small class sizes who guide them to find their paths in life. 

We seek those who want to get a head start on their careers. Those who desire cutting-edge, hands-on learning. Those who want to graduate high school with industry certifications, on-the-job experiences, business connections and college credits.

Whether it is a career right out of high school, post-graduation apprenticeships or college, our expert faculty and career and counseling staff help students realize their dreams by making it a reality. We show them the rigors of the real world while preparing them for the next stage of their lives.

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"When I was acknowledged for something, everyone celebrated it. I felt like the whole school was supporting me instead of just one teacher. That’s the difference: they know every student at OSTC."
Hailey and Heidi Kasab loved the OSTC.

Hailey, pictured with her mother, Heidi, is an OSTC graduate who now works for the University of Michigan Health System.

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