Career Planning

Students who are exposed to career and technical education are empowered to discover their passion and direction sooner, so they can make the most of their education.

Those who plan for, and have opportunities to experience a career before deciding to pursue it, often feel more confident about the choices they make.  

One of the most of the valuable, yet overlooked benefits career focused education gives to students is the opportunity to explore and change their minds, without costing thousands of dollars. 

In today’s economy, a career is not just a job.

A career provides a family-sustaining wage and pathways to advancement and requires postsecondary training or education. Being ready for a career means that a person possesses 21st-century skills:

  • communication 
  • critical thinking
  • collaboration 
  • creativity

These skills will increase students' marketability and employability.

Each of the Oakland Schools Technical Campuses have a dedicated career counselor to help students plan for the future.

Contact your campus for more information.

Career Exploration

Meet Mrs. Flynn

Mrs. Flynn career counselor

"I love working with kids to help them find their passion and empower them to turn it into reality."