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Michigan Career Placement Association (MCPA)

MCPA 2022-2023 CTE/Non-CTE WBL Student Scholarship

The Michigan Career Placement Association (MCPA) works to improve career preparation for students by providing services to professionals involved in the placement of students into work-based learning experiences. MCPA has established a scholarship to recognize and reward an outstanding senior who has made extraordinary efforts and realized success in his/her work-based learning placement. The student may use the scholarship for tuition, fees, books, or career-related supplies.  


A senior who is eligible for graduation ( this includes early college students) that is currently enrolled in a work-based learning experience and has a placement related to their EDP career pathway.  

Application Procedures:

Complete the Application on the following page and email it along with the following items:

  • Resume
  • Reference page listing a minimum of three references
  • Official transcript including 1st semester grades from senior year
  • Current schedule
  • Letter of recommendation from his/her work-based learning employer

Photo Release with Parent signatures for approval to use student photo and name on MCPA website (listed on the application).

All of the above information should be submitted to your MCPA Regional Representative by Tuesday March 14, 2023. Please refer to our website for your Regional Representative Contact information. Each region will pick up to three applicants to submit to the MCPA Executive Board; one from each of the categories listed below. This year, the MCPA Executive Board will award a total of three, $1,000 Scholarships in the following categories:

  • One, $1,000.00 Scholarship for a C.T.E. Work-Based Learning Placement
  • One, $1,000.00 Scholarship for a Non-C.T.E. Work-Based Learning Placement
  • One, $1,000.00 Scholarship for a Special Education/Transition Work-Based Learning Placement

Award Amount:

Three $1,000.00 Scholarships; one per W.B.L. category:

  1. C.T.E.
  2. Non-C.T.E.
  3. Special Education/Transition

MCPA 2022-23 CTE & Non-CTE WBL Student Scholarship