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Ben Morin

K-12 Career Readiness Consultant

2023 Fall Application Process

This process is for current 10th-grade students who have a space and will be attending OSTC in Fall, 2023 in an OSTC program with an early college option

This program is optional with an additional application process. Applying for and securing a space in an OSTC program with an early college option does not automatically qualify you for the Oakland Technical Early College (OTEC) program.

Application Deadline 

All task items listed below are to be completed and received/uploaded by May 10, 2023 to determine placement into the program. Be proactive. Certain task items can take multiple days to finish. ​Program spaces may fill up, and priority will be given based on the completion of all enrollment tasks. If all TASK items are not completed and received/uploaded by the deadline, the application will not be considered.

Steps to Apply

Please read all task directions carefully and completely. All TASK Items listed below must be completed and received by May 10, 2023.  Applicants who have not completed and sent all 4 Tasks below will not be considered.


Those that complete ALL tasks of the application process by the deadline of May 10, will be notified of their eligibility the last full week of May.

If you qualify for the Oakland Technical Early College, you will then be required to participate in a parent/student orientation and meet with an OCC counselor. Students will also be required to attend a summer workshop date in August.