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Ben Morin

K-12 Career Readiness Consultant


What are the benefits of this program?
  • Students get a head start on post-secondary training and education.
  • Students have the opportunity to earn an associate degree, industry certifications and college credits during high school.
  • Students gain a competitive advantage in technical fields that employers are seeking.
My admission to OSTC is complete for my 11th grade year, and I have been notified that I have a spot. Am I automatically admitted to the Oakland Technical Early College program?

No. You must be enrolled in an OSTC program that has an early college program option. In order to do so, complete an additional enrollment application to determine your eligibility for the early college program. Please refer to the Admissions tab to review requirements and enrollment process. 

What is the cost for this program?

There is no cost related to college tuition and required course books. Students on track are eligible to pursue the number of credits required to complete a specific associate degree over grades 11, 12 and 13 of the program; most degrees are between 62-65 credits.   

What is required of me to participate in this program?

To participate in Oakland Technical Early College, you must be in good standing at your high school and on track to graduate with your current class.

Am I still required to take the M-STEP and other state-mandated standardized assessments?

Yes, you are still required to complete all of the required Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) components in order to earn your high school diploma.

Where will my classes be held?

Classes will take place at your local Oakland Schools Technical Campus and Oakland Community College (five campuses throughout Oakland County).  

Many general course requirements such as English, math and science are offered at all OCC campuses.

  • Collision, Machining, Welding, Mechatronics, EMT and Robotics courses are primarily offered at the OCC Auburn Hills campus.
  • Computer Information System courses are primarily offered at the OCC Auburn Hills and Orchard Ridge campuses.  
  • Visual Imaging and Graphic Design courses are primarily offered at the OCC Orchard Ridge campus.
  • Business Administration courses are offered throughout all five OCC campuses.
Is transportation provided?

Students will have access to transportation by the local districts’ school buses to and from the Oakland Schools Technical Campus, however, students will have to provide their own transportation to courses held at Oakland Community College.

What will my course schedule look like?

Requirements vary based on the associate degree program students are pursuing and there is no set schedule. Please check with the Early College staff for more information.

Will I have to attend evening and/or summer courses?

All 11th grade students will have at least one evening course at OCC. Depending on course availability, students may be required to take evening courses throughout the program. In order to increase your potential to earn an associate degree by the end of the 13th year or to have future scheduling flexibility, it may be necessary to take a summer course at OCC.

Can I participate in extracurricular activities while enrolled in the Oakland Technical Early College program?

Students may participate in extracurricular activities and athletics at their high school, OSTC and OCC as permitted by their college and high school schedule. Almost all students in the Early College program have night courses at OCC, therefore, participation in certain extracurricular activities and athletics may be limited.

What happens if I do not pass a class?

It is extremely important to keep up with your coursework in order to stay on track with program requirements.  Not passing across could have negative consequences related to high school graduation requirements and continuing to participate in the Oakland Technical Early College program.  If you are falling behind in one of your courses, please contact a program coordinator. Students need to connect with their OCC Instructor and may need to set up an appointment during instructor’s office hours. It is also beneficial to schedule an appointment with an OCC Counselor for additional strategies and resources that may be available. Academic support is also available at your high school, OSTC and through OCC’s Academic Support Center. 

Is there a minimum GPA that I am required to maintain?

You must have a minimum of a 2.0 high school GPA and maintain a least a B average in your OSTC program. Most OCC associate degrees require a 2.0 overall GPA. Failure to meet these minimum requirements may remove you from the program.

More importantly, once you begin OCC coursework, you establish an official college transcript. It is recommended that students maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in college courses, increasing the ability to transfer coursework to future colleges and to better prepare for future career success. Students on track in the program are eligible to pursue the number of credits required to complete a specific associate degree; most degrees are between 62-65 credits.  

What happens if I discontinue the program?

When you enroll in Oakland Technical Early College, you are making a three-year commitment to complete the program. Withdrawing from the program may impact your ability to graduate on time.

Will my credits transfer to another college or university?

Oakland Community College participates in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). It is always recommended to work with an OCC Counselor to determine if your credits will transfer to another college or university. OCC also has articulation agreements with many universities; its Transfer Credit Agreements page can provide additional information. If you have questions about a specific university, make an appointment with an OCC Counselor.  Students should also connect with the admissions office of that institution. You can also visit the websites of any institutions you may consider attending upon completion of the Oakland Technical Early College program to view the transfer student process.

What support systems are available to students?

Students in grade 11 and 12 that are part of the Oakland Technical Early College program have a required seminar with academic instructors at the OSTC campus that meets every other week. In grade 13 there will be a seminar component that meets monthly at OCC.  Seminar focuses on career and college readiness skills. 

First time OCC students will have a required OCC Counseling appointment, and then are always encouraged to meet with an OCC Counselor each semester.  OCC Counselors support students’ success in college through a variety of services that include graduation requirements, transfer credit information, and aligning academic choices with future goals.  Students are able to take advantage of all OCC  Academic Support Center resources including, tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), and study skill seminars.  Students with an IEP or 504 will want to connect with the OCC ACCESS office for additional supports that may be available.

OSTC has a student service team that includes a School Counselor, Special Populations Consultant, Student Support Specialist, and a School to Career Coordinator.  This team works together to support all students at OSTC. 

Students will also continue to utilize staff at their high school including school counselors, teachers, and other support personnel.