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Successful Alumni Entrepreneur Provides Insight

Successful Alumni Entrepreneur Provides Insight

Nathan Stotts a 2003 OSTC-Northeast/Oxford graduate visited Mr. Wilson's Electronics Robotics & Mechatronics (ERM) afternoon program.

Stotts is an operating partner for True Tracking and is partners in the business with his brother Paul, who is also a 2002 graduate of Mr. Wilson's ERM program. True Tracking specializes in the installation and integration of the leading collision avoidance, RFID, and video analytics systems for commercial fleet vehicles. Holding the original international patent for the integration harness, the company expanded and currently holds 14 different patents.

Nathan Stotts held the students' attention by sharing many stories and examples reflecting on his experience at OSTC-Northeast. He also provides insight and strategies for success as students move on from the program.

As a self-motivated student, Nathan took advantage of everything the ERM program had to offer during his time on campus.

"The sky's the limit! I knew I wasn't college bound and I'm very much a hands-on guy. I learned everything I could during my time at OSTC-Northeast, from welding to machining to electronic theory. Everything I learned in this school, I use in my work every day," said Stotts.

Nathan and Paul make it a point of giving back to current students, they stressed the importance of now being able to really make a difference.

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