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Campus Celebrates New Inductees to National Technical Honor Society

Campus Celebrates New Inductees to National Technical Honor Society

On April 25, the Oakland Schools Conference Center was filled with pride and celebration as 180 students from the Northeast Campus were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. This prestigious ceremony drew a large audience, including students, parents, family members, friends, and teachers, all gathered to honor the exceptional achievements of these students.

The event was eloquently opened by campus counselor Randy Maddock, who introduced the seven Guiding Lights of the Honor Society. These principles set the foundation for the evening, emphasizing the values of scholarship, leadership, and personal responsibility that the Society upholds.

Following the introduction, Mr. Maddock read the inductees' names, acknowledging their hard work and dedication in their respective technical fields.

The ceremony peaked as all the inductees stood together to recite the National Technical Honor Society Pledge, committing to uphold the standards of excellence and service that define the Society.

The evening concluded on a delightful note with refreshments and desserts prepared by the Culinary Arts/Hospitality students and staff, allowing for a time of celebration and camaraderie among the new inductees and their supporters.

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