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Courageous Persuaders Finalists

Courageous Persuaders Finalists

Courageous Persuaders is an exceptional high school scholarship competition that stands apart from the rest. Administered by the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) and the Michigan Secretary of State, this video competition challenges students to create compelling 30-second TV commercials focused on the dangers of drinking and driving or distracted driving.

In this competition, two talented students, Juan Rodriguez from Lake Orion High School and Caleb Albor from Lake Orion Learning Options, showcased their skills and creativity. Juan took charge of the acting and script, while Caleb handled the video recording and scriptwriting.

The Awards Ceremony was held at the Emagine Theater in Troy on May 10. The momentous occasion's special guest emcee was Fox 2 News Anchor Roop Raj who announced the winners. This ceremony recognized the outstanding efforts of the participants and showcased the power of their persuasive messages.

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