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Shaping the Future of Dentistry

Shaping the Future of Dentistry

Dr. Brian Van Rooyen, a 2013 Lake Orion High School graduate, is making waves in the dental community, attributing his foundational medical knowledge and career success to the time spent at the Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Northeast (OSTC-Northeast).

During his junior and senior years, Dr. Van Rooyen enrolled in the Health Sciences program at OSTC-Northeast. He reminisces about the program’s significant impact, especially the mentorship of Mrs. Doyle, who played a crucial role in shaping his medical understanding.

“OSTC gave me hands-on opportunities and the encouragement to pursue what I was interested in doing,” Dr. Van Rooyen reflected. “After completing the two-year Health Sciences program, I realized the importance of the second year, which also prepared me for college and taught me effective study techniques.”

Dr. Van Rooyen’s aspiration to become a dentist began in seventh grade. He recognized early on that his home high school didn’t offer the specialized classes and health science concentration he needed. OSTC-Northeast filled this gap, offering him the resources and environment to thrive. His dedication and hard work at OSTC led to a pivotal clinical rotation during his senior year at Oxford Lakes Dental. 

This experience was not only transformative but also instrumental in propelling him towards a career in dentistry. Dr. Van Rooyen then pursued his dental education at the University of Detroit Mercy’s Dental School, where he further honed his skills.

Today, Dr. Van Rooyen is a practicing dentist in Rochester, working alongside another dental professional. His journey from a determined high school student to a successful dentist stands as a testament to the impact of specialized Career and Technical Education programs like those offered at  the Oakland Schools Technical Campuses.

Dr. Van Rooyen’s story is an inspiration to current students, demonstrating the far-reaching effects of dedicated instructors and targeted Career and Technical Education programs in shaping successful career pathways.

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