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Health Sciences CNA Orientation

Health Sciences CNA Orientation

On Wednesday, Jan. 18, second-year students in Mrs. Doyle's Health Sciences program began the 95-hour Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification requirement. This year also included seven first-year senior students from Mr. Licari's class.

The CNA program began with an all-day orientation with Health Science students which also included some team-building activities.

This orientation day provided hours for the 42 required theory hours. In addition, students must complete 22 hours of lab time and 32 hours of clinical time, which students complete by caring for patients at a nursing home.

The core learning topics include communication, respecting resident rights, infection control, safety, and promoting independence. Lab skills include vital signs, bed baths, intake & output and patient transfers.

OSTC-Northeast is an official testing site for students to take the state’s required written and clinical competency test for state certification. Successful completion of the CNA program results in a certificate of completion of our state approved program.

A special thank you goes out to the Culinary Arts/Hospitality students who prepared and served the Health Science students a delicious lunch, providing a cross-discipline experience.

OSTC Northeast Health Sciences CNA Orientation

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