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National Technical Honor Society Induction

National Technical Honor Society Induction

The Northeast Campus held a special ceremony recognizing and inducting 180 students into the National Technical Honor Society. The event occurred at the Oakland Schools Conference Center and was attended by students, parents, family members, friends, and teachers from various programs.

The ceremony began with an opening introduction by Dean Paul Galbenski, setting the stage for the occasion's significance. Randy Maddock, a counselor and NTHS advisor at the Northeast Campus, then took the stage to read the inductees’ names, highlighting their achievements and hard work.

During the ceremony, several students had the opportunity to read and explain the seven Guiding Lights of the Honor Society. This allowed the audience to better understand the principles and values upheld by the National Technical Honor Society and its members.

The event concluded with a powerful moment where all the students stood and recited the National Technical Honor Society Pledge, solidifying their commitment to excellence and service in their respective fields.

Following the ceremony, the dedicated Culinary Arts/Hospitality staff and students from the Northeast Campus prepared and served a delicious dinner.

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