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Showcases A Success: A Day of Exploration for 10th Graders

Showcases A Success: A Day of Exploration for 10th Graders

A resounding success, the recent showcases at OSTC-Northeast welcomed a total of 190 enthusiastic 10th grade students exploring various programs on campus.

The day featured immersive sessions where students from Lake Orion and Rochester HS, Stoney Creek HS, and Rochester Adams HS had the opportunity to rotate through their top three program choices every 30 minutes. 

Culinary students whipped up delectable fried rice, Health Science students practiced CPR, and Collision students observed the intricate polishing process on a fender. With previous visits from other sending districts, OSTC-Northeast continues to inspire and guide the next generation of professionals.

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OTEC program student Pascal

The Oakland Schools Technical Campuses (OSTC) and Oakland Community College (OCC) collaboration has launched the Oakland Technical Early College (OTEC) program. This pathway has significantly benefitted many students, including Pascal Klepser, a Rochester Adams High School attendee who joined OSTC-NE for Engineering, Robotics & Mechatronics. 

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