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Dominance at the HOSA Regional Competition

Dominance at the HOSA Regional Competition

The HOSA Regional Competition unfolded as a remarkable triumph for OSTC-Northwest. An impressive group of 41 students from the Health Sciences department stepped into the competitive arena, showcasing their skills and knowledge with exceptional poise and professionalism. 

These students' dedication and hard work paid off, as 32 secured positions within the top seven of their respective events, earning them qualification spots at the State Conference slated for April.

Among the qualifiers, 22 students distinguished themselves further by clinching medals for finishing in the top three, underscoring NW's dominance and excellence in the competition. The final medal tally commanded 10 gold, six silver, and six bronze.

The team received widespread acclaim for their exemplary conduct, with other advisors and judges lauding the NW students for their professionalism and courtesy. This praise serves as a testament to the character and values instilled in these young individuals.

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