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Students Shine at Graphic Media Alliance Competition

Students Shine at Graphic Media Alliance Competition

In a display of creativity and skill, students from the graphics program at OSTC-Northwest have made an impressive mark at the Graphic Media Alliance Student Print Excellence competition. 

With 540 entries vying for recognition, OSTC-Northwest students distinguished themselves by securing six awards, a testament to their talent and the quality of instruction.

Abigail Leming, Harmonie Loza, and Tabitha Schil, the talented students from OSTC-Northwest, showcased their exceptional abilities in graphic design by entering various posters into the competition. Their submissions stood out among the hundreds of entries, earning them well-deserved accolades.

Abigail Leming emerged as a standout participant, securing three silver awards for her submissions, underscoring her exceptional talent and potential in graphic design.

Harmonie Loza was awarded two bronze awards for her entries, demonstrating a keen eye for design and effective communication through visual arts. 

Tabitha Schil's creativity and technical skill earned her a silver and a bronze award, marking her a versatile designer capable of achieving high standards across different criteria.

The awards will be given in March, and the students' printed artwork will be prominently displayed at the awards ceremony, allowing attendees to appreciate the quality and creativity of the work that led to their recognition. 

three OSTC-NW student artworks

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