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Tesla Provides Unique Experience for Auto and Collision Students

Tesla Provides Unique Experience for Auto and Collision Students

Clarkston Tesla Dealership and Service Center representatives provided a unique opportunity for students in the Automotive Technology and Collision programs. Two Tesla vehicles were brought to the campus, allowing students to explore and inquire about Electric Vehicles (EVs).

As the automotive industry continues to embrace electric mobility, future technicians must gain knowledge and experience in working with EVs. The visit from the Tesla representatives served as an introduction for the Automotive Technology and Collision students, giving them a firsthand look at the inner workings and maintenance of these cutting-edge vehicles.

The students had the chance to examine the Tesla vehicles up close and ask questions regarding their construction, components, and functioning. The representatives demonstrated how the EVs are worked on, showcasing the intricate technology that powers them. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights into the specialized skills and techniques required to repair and maintain electric vehicles.

The visit from Tesla not only allowed the students to broaden their understanding of electric vehicles but also sparked their enthusiasm for this emerging technology. As they embark on their journey toward becoming automotive professionals, this experience will serve as a foundation for their future success in working with electric vehicles.

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