OSTC -NW Health Science Students 2020
CPCT-A (Patient Care Technician)
Caylee Ludwig - Clarkston
Sierra Laster- Clarkston
Megan Aderholdt - Holly 
Morgen Swanson - Holly
Gabrielle White - Waterford Kettering
Emily Wood - Waterford Kettering
ExCPT (Pharmacy Technician)
Tatiana Peaster - Waterford Mott
Health Science students 2020


Congratulations to the Health Sciences students who competed in the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) International Conference in June. Two of them, Kelly Barreto and Amelia Dehart finished in the Top 10 in Personal Care. Holly Trammel, finished third and won a bronze medal in Life Support Skills.

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Looking at Organisims in Microscope

A couple days a week and on Sundays Sarah Bass arrives at her job at the Clinton River Water Resource Recovery Facility and treats the approximately 30 million gallons of storm water and sanitary sewage that flush daily through the facility, which services 14 local communities. She performs tests, maintenance and lab work to ensure operations are running smoothly.

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