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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Explore OSTC-NW program offerings:

Our Virtual Career Night is a chance for students and parents to learn about the exciting programs available at Oakland Schools Technical Campus Northwest. The campus has 11 programs, which offer a robust academic education and career technical experience. The programs provide students a competitive advantage by offering both technical and required academic credits. Students will connect to a dynamic, engaging, and collegiate environment with experienced and qualified instructors. Use the provided program links to explore what OSTC-NW has to offer. The links will open in a new window. Once you’ve explored opportunities and decided which programs you would like more information about, the provided Zoom links will direct you to the Virtual Career Night sessions - Happy exploring!


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Zoom Presentations

Each of the 11 programs’ presentations will begin on Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 5:00pm or 6:30pm. The same information will be presented during the two sessions, so you can learn about multiple programs. Oakland Technical Early College (OTEC) Program and Counselor Support will also be available. Click the program you are interested in learning more about to access the Zoom presentation at the scheduled time.

Please note: the Zoom links will not be live until January 20th at the time listed.


A brief overview of the Oakland Technical Early College (OTEC) program will occur in the Counselor Support Zoom from 4:45-5:00 pm and again from 7:00-7:15 pm

Counselor Support

Our Student Support Team will also be available for Counselor Support throughout the evening on a "drop in" basis for any general OSTC-NW questions. 

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