Agriscience & Environmental Technologies students visit Independence Oaks

Students attending the Northwest Agriscience & Environmental Technologies program work alongside professionals in hydroponics, veterinary science, sustainable agriculture, environmental engineering, and conservation. Additionally, students can conduct hands-on activities and experiments in animal, plant, and environmental sciences. This program uses advanced technology to develop ethical and viable solutions to real-world environmental problems.

Recently, students went on a field trip to Crooked Lake in Independence Oaks. They took water samples and tested water temperature. Additionally, students identified multiple species of fish. Types found included Blue Gill, Rock Bass, War Mouth, Pumpkin Seed, Large Mouth Bass, Perch, and Sunfish.

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TESLA Technicians

Representatives from the Detroit-Clarkston Tesla Service Center met with OSTC-NW Automotive Technology and Collision Repair & Refinishing students on Wednesday, May 18.

Kira Karlstrom headshot

Kira Karlstrom, is a 2003 Graphics & Communication graduate from OSTC-NW. After high school she completed her bachelor's degree in graphic design and played basketball at Drexel University. She later earned her master’s degree in entertainment business from Full Sail University.

Blue Barrell Time Capsule

While searching the OSTC-NW campus Dean, Dave Wyatt came across what seemed to be an ordinary blue barrell tucked away in the back corner of a storage closet. 

Person in a suit smiling

I am thrilled and overjoyed to be joining the outstanding OSTC-Northwest campus as your new Dean. OSTC-Northwest has a long tradition of excellence in providing students with an exceptional technological career readiness education where families can choose the programs that best meet the needs and future aspirations of their students.