Oakland Schools Technical Campus Students Serve Their Community While Also Acquiring Cutting-Edge Industry Skills

Oakland Schools Technical Campus Students Serve Their Community While Also Acquiring Cutting-Edge Industry Skills

More than $5,000 raised to help support nonprofit organizations

Junior and senior students in the Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Northwest (OSTC-NW) Collision Repair and Refinishing program have been using the technical skills they have gained in class to raise money for various charities throughout the school year. With guidance from a core team of peers, students have chosen to help their local community while also developing important industry skills that will serve them in their careers well after graduation.

The students’ current fundraising effort focuses on putting car detailing skills into practice.   Customers can bring their vehicles to OSTC-NW for services that include cleaning and interior and exterior detailing. In exchange for cash payment, customers can donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization committed to serving the thousands of military servicemembers who have been wounded physically and emotionally.  The students have also raised money for the Oakland County Animal Shelter.

The Collision Repair and Refinishing program prepares students to repair, restore, and refinish vehicles to showroom condition – using the same advanced painting, welding and repair equipment used by automotive professionals.

“I am extremely proud of our OSTC-NW students,” said Dean David Wyatt. “Our technical campuses are state-of-the-art learning spaces where students are prepared to enter careers, not just jobs. It’s equally exciting to see them discover creative ways to also serve their communities in a meaningful way,” said Wyatt.

During the holidays, students led a similar fundraiser where they constructed crafts by welding together reclaimed horseshoes into reindeer and snowmen statues. Proceeds from this project were designated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The OSTC-NW Collision Repair and Refinishing program has raised more than $5,000 this school year.

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While searching the OSTC-NW campus Dean, Dave Wyatt came across what seemed to be an ordinary blue barrell tucked away in the back corner of a storage closet. 

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I am thrilled and overjoyed to be joining the outstanding OSTC-Northwest campus as your new Dean. OSTC-Northwest has a long tradition of excellence in providing students with an exceptional technological career readiness education where families can choose the programs that best meet the needs and future aspirations of their students.