Staff Directory

Interim Dean

Tamela Brown-Williams

Office and Support Staff

Chad Chappell

Campus Operations Supervisor

Delonda Collins

Office Assistant/Bookkeeper

Kenneth Cortese

Special Populations Consultant

Anne George


Sharon Howell

Office Assistant - Front Desk

Tywana Manzie

Campus Security

Carol Miller

Office Assistant - SIS Coordinator

Ellen Toomey

Student Support Specialist

Custodians & Maintenance

Richard Rivero

Lead Custodian

Doug Olson


Jeffery Hutchins

Facilities And Grounds Supervisor


Michael Ales

Instructor - Collision & Auto Body Repair

Joel Berry

Instructor - Agriscience & Environmental Technologies

Liz Blomquist

Instructor - Academics Math

John Bonner

Instructor - Health Sciences

Kyra Burkeen

Instructional Technician - Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Jack Cantrell

Instructional Technician - Collison & Auto Body Repair

Jan Drew

Instructor - Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Robert DuCharme

Instructor - Engineering, Robotics & Mechatronics

Skyler Essiambre

Instructional Technician - Health Sciences

Kendra Gossett

Instructor - Agriscience & Environmental Technologies

Nickolas Lopez

Instructor - Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Joel Massarello

Instructor - Automotive Repair Technologies

Ryan Matousek

Instructor - Computer Programming

Danielle Naumann

Instructional Technician - Agriscience & Environmental Technologies

Tom Neal

Instructor - Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Jonathon Nicol

Instructor - Building Maintenance

Don Peters

Instructor - Engineering, Robotics & Mechatronics

William Ray

Instructor - Energy

Aaron Simpson

Instructional Technician - Auto Repair Technologies

James Snell

Instructor - Construction Technologies

Michelle Spackman

Instructional Technician - Visual Imaging

Debbie Waters

Instructor - Academics English

Janelle Wilson

Instructor - Health Sciences