Energy-Electrical Technology Student Excels in Work-Based Learning Opportunity

Energy-Electrical Technology Student Excels in Work-Based Learning Opportunity

Russell Johnson is a second-year Energy-Electrical Technology student from Royal Oak High School who is a paid employee at Brasco International, a manufacturing firm located in Madison Heights.

His work-based learning opportunity started in September of 2021. He has made the most of his opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience while displaying what he has learned in the classroom at OSTC-SE.

His commitment requires a four-day workweek at Brasco, averaging 10-15 hours per week. He then spends the fifth day in the classroom/lab with his instructor and fellow OSTC-SE students.

While onsite at Brasco he performs his assigned tasks with industry-standard electrical instruments, selecting and applying the appropriate tools and providing technological solutions to frequently encountered problems. Russell has also gained insight into important safety procedures, and safe work practices through his supervisor and co-workers at Brasco.

OSTC-SE Energy Instructor Tom Randazzo said, “I’ve had the pleasure of instructing Russell who is now in his second year as an Energy and Electrical student. Last year he was a quick learner, eager to indulge in all of his shop floor projects. Brasco has reported high accolades for his work performed on pedestrian shelter solar circuits. Russell was one of a small handful of my students to earn an A+ in this year’s first semester. Going forward, I am most confident that Russell will have a successful and meaningful career in the industry of electrical and energy. “

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