From Construction to Welding To College

Meet Peyton Maliszewski, a former Construction Technology student who is currently enrolled in the Welding program. Like many of our juniors, Peyton decided to return to OSTC-SE for his senior year in a different program.  

While in Construction, Peyton discovered that he enjoyed learning skills that allowed him to work and create independently. Wanting to take this to the next level, while also obtaining a separate skillset, he decided to try the Welding program this year. Welding not only allows him to continue to create and think on his own, but Peyton really enjoys the power he exerts with his hands when in the welding booth. He describes the program as, “having enormous potential to produce, while simultaneously walking the line of making sure things do not go wrong.” Working with fire and heated metals makes for very interesting class time.  

Peyton has been accepted to attend Lawrence Technological University for next year. He said for students looking to join either Construction, Welding, or eventually both, that the skills he’s learned over the past year and a half hold a lot of potential for future career opportunities, and that working hands-on in OSTC-SE’s labs allows for real life scenarios in a variety of trades.


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Students working in culinary and construction  wearing face masks after return to face to face instruction

As of Jan. 19, students are back at OSTC-SE! Nine of our programs have returned to face-to-face instruction. Four days a week, students arrive, take off their coats, and hop right into the labs for the hands-on learning our campus is suited for. Each program is conducting interesting, action-oriented lessons aimed at preparing students for careers and post-secondary education.


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Picture of Faith Quevedo

Second year Health Sciences and Madison Heights student Faith Quevedo has recently received some game-changing news. Through hard work and academic achievement, she earned a scholarship toward a bachelors degree at Michigan State University, in human biology with a minor in pre-medicine studies. The scholarship will cover her tuition, as well as room and board, for four years at MSU.  

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Mr. Smitka - Michigan Teacher of the Year Nominee

On Nov. 24, 2020, our Engineering, Robotics, & Mechatronics instructor Steve Smitka received a letter from Governor Whitmer informing and congratulating him for being nominated for the 2021-2022 Michigan Teacher of the Year. Just recently Mr. Smitka learned of the very exciting news that he is among the candidates who have been chosen to advance to Part B of the selection process.  

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Students ask questions to DTE line workers during an outdoor demonstration

Students from the Energy, Construction, Machining, Welding, and Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics programs had the opportunity to participate in unique DTE demonstration. OSTC-SE hosted the event, which was geared toward bringing attention to job openings and educational opportunities within the energy field. 

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