OSTC students get a taste of living on their own

OSTC students get a taste of living on their own

OSTC-SE hosted an experiential learning event that allowed students to simulate living on their own for a month in the real world. Teens actively discovered for themselves how their choices could affect their financial future as they make decisions on expenditures while balancing their budgets. Students choose an identity consisting of a job, a starting salary, a credit score and potential student loans. They then visit several stations to obtain the goods and services they need to live on their own such as food, transportation and housing. Students end the experience by meeting with a financial counselor to ensure they have balanced their budgets, review choices and discuss ways to improve their financial future.

Organized by Entrepreneurship and Advanced Marketing instructor Amy Bowman, more than 30 local volunteers and business partners spent time coaching and guiding students through their choices for the Reality Fair activity. Students overwhelming enjoyed the experience and said it was one of the best learning activities they have ever been part of! Many said it has changed the way they spend their own money and it gave them a greater appreciation for what their parents/guardians do for them.

Students work with local volunteers and business partners

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