Patrol car purchase steers Criminal Justice students to real world learning

Patrol car purchase steers Criminal Justice students to real world learning

Many current law enforcement officers assigned to road patrol will agree, much of their shift is spent in a patrol vehicle. To help show students the role a patrol car plays in the daily job of law enforcement, OSTC-SE recently purchased a former patrol car, allowing for authentic training.

Authentic training and education are crucial in the career pathway of law enforcement and public safety. A patrol car is similar to that of a desk in a traditional work environment. In terms of equipment a police officer will have to utilize on a daily basis, their vehicle is one of the largest, and ranks as one of the most dangerous. There are essential patrol car operational skills that a new officer must master, such as operating and communicating via radio, lights, siren, computer, video recording devices, etc.

Students enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at OSTC-SE will have opportunities to train using the patrol car in various mock scenarios, such as high–risk felony traffic stops, using the vehicle as a means of cover, and something as simple as assisting a handcuffed defendant into the rear of the vehicle. In addition, the new car will allow for students in other programs at OSTC-SE to showcase their skills and abilities. Examples include students from Automotive Technology, Visual Imaging, and Collision Repair and Refinishing working together to maintain the service of the vehicle, design exterior graphics and paint and detail the body of the car.

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