Staff Directory

OSTC Southeast Main Phone Number: 248.288.4020

Office and Support Staff

Amy Gole


Sarah Periat

Campus Operations Supervisor

Eric Scott

Student Support Specialist

Angela Haley

Career Guidance Counselor

Nicole Bell

Special Populations Consultant

Susan Powell

Office Assistant

Shelby Sharette

Office Assistant

Patricia Nunnally

Office Assistant - Bookkeeper

Susan Graham

School-To-Career Coordinator

Matthew Leiterman

Technical Support Specialist

Cynthia Lockman

Campus Security

Custodial & Maintenance

Marc Combs

Facilities and Grounds Supervisor

Michel Graham


Steven Laine


Kerri Rafalski


Brian Raven


Larry Sherlock

Lead Custodian

Attendance Phone Numbers

Program Number

Automotive Technology: 248.288.4368

Collision Repair and Refinishing: 248.288.4372

Computer Programming: 248.288.4034

Construction Technology: 248.288.4889

Criminal Justice 248.288: 4201

Culinary Arts and Hospitality: 248.288.4326

Cyber Security Networking: 248.288.4229

Energy and Electrical Technologies 248.288.4406

Engineering, Robotics & Mechatronics: 248.288.4357

Entrepreneurship & Adv Marketing: 248.288.4236

Health Science: 248.288.4616

Machining: 248.288.4219

Visual Imaging: 248.288.4295

Welding: 248.288.4027


Amy Bowman

Instructor - Entrepreneurship and Advanced Marketing

Jeff Bowman

Instructor - Construction Technology

Jeremy Callahan

Instructional Technician - Engineering, Robotics, and Mechatronics

Marla Canvasser

Instructor - Health Sciences

Matt Cook

Instructional Technician - Automotive Technology

Frank Costanzo

Instructor - Culinary Arts/Hospitality

Micah Graham

Instructor - Automotive Technology

Steven Green

Instructor - Graphics and Communication Design

Dalia Hempel

Instructional Technician - Culinary Arts/Hospitality

Ann Jensen

Instructor - Health Sciences

Daniel Krompatic

Instructor - Computer Programing

Janelle Kunz

Instructional Technician - Construction Technology

Michael Mayville

Instructor - Cyber Security

Stephen Merglewski

Instructional Technician - Graphics and Communications Design

Crystal Nowka

Instructor - Criminal Justice

William Paruszkiewicz

Instructional Technician - Collision Repair and Refinishing

Tom Randazzo

Instructor - Energy-Electrical Technology

Edwin Reed

Instructor - Academics

Angela Shaw

Instructor - Health Sciences

Leo Slatin

Instructor - Machining

Steve Smitka

Instructor - Engineering, Robotics, and Mechatronics

Janet Temnyk

Instructor - Academics

Selene Toliver

Instructor - Culinary Arts/Hospitality

Jerry Weston

Instructor - Collision Repair and Refinishing

Brian Wing

Instructor - Welding