Being in high school is all about taking advantage of experiences that set you up for college and career success. OSTC will help you:

  • Discover your talent and passion in a career of your own choosing
  • Align the academics, technical and professional skills to your career pathway
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Provide career related work opportunities
  • Showcase your competitive advantage with college credits, state/national certifications, elite coursework and a professional portfolio


  • Review our 13 Career and Technical Education programs and determine which program will provide you with the best foundation for college and careers.
  • Attend our Virtual Career Night: Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022.
  • Consider coming to OSTC for a visit on one or our approved days  to check out our campus.
  • All students must register ahead of time. There are two visit options:

OSTC School Day Campus Tour- schedule a weekday visit to learn about all of our OSTC programs.

OSTC After School/Saturday Program Showcase Visit – schedule an in-depth visit to learn about a specific program. Prospective students will meet with an expert instructor and gain exposure to projects, lab work, and other advantages available, this visit is designed to prepare students for college or workforce entry in a particular program.


1. Click on the box titled “Apply for the 2022-23 School Year” - Create an account.
2.  Your birth date should be typed as follows: MM / DD / YYYY.
3. Select your first program choice and a second choice or “No second choice”.
4.  If you choose a program at any campus other than OSTC-SW (Wixom), you must provide your own transportation.
5. On the final screen, click “Submit” and “OK” to send. Be sure you get a confirmation pop up.
6. The application will go to your high school counselor, then sent to Oakland Schools for review.
7. Acceptance letters are mailed (and emailed) in April.

OSTC Southwest program offerings: