OSTC-SW Advanced Marketing and Entrepreneurship instructor keeps virtual learning fun

Teachers dressed in costume

Engaging students in a virtual setting can be tough. At Oakland Schools Technical Campus - Southwest, our Advanced Marketing and Entrepreneurship Instructor William Dungan has found a way to capture his student’s attention.

After dressing up as a chef and speaking in an Italian accent to kick off the Restaurant Marketing unit, Dungan noticed greater student engagement. He has since hosted additional live lectures as a pirate, a grandma and a Viking.

“I wanted to show students my personality and how class can be fun - even virtually,” Dungan said. “The downside of online teaching is you do not get that same connection you would normally get when teaching in-person. As a teacher, I like to have fun in the classroom and I hope this exercise was able to start bridging that connection. I want students to see the possibility, even in mundane, everyday life situations, what marketing and entrepreneurship offers.” 

Experiences like this help our Advanced Marketing and Entrepreneurship students stay engaged and get the competitive advantage needed to launch them to postsecondary learning.

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