Student uses OSTC-SW experience to secure full-time position as labor and delivery nurse at Henry Ford Hospital, West Bloomfield

Former student holding newborn baby.

Kelsey Kolin’s journey

Kelsey Kolin began working toward her long-term goal of becoming a nurse while in her freshman year at Walled Lake Central High School (WLC). In 2012, she decided to embark on a journey that most students in high school would not consider. With a strong commitment to health and wellness, she pursued the OSTC-SW Culinary Arts program. She gained in-demand skills in food preparation and nutrition. It was through this program that she realized she enjoyed the service aspect of Culinary Arts. She held a leadership position at OSTC where she delivered food orders to various programs. While delivering food in the Health Sciences program at OSTC, she was amazed at the opportunity for students to practice clinical nursing skills and work in ‘real-world’ hospital settings. This, in conjunction with her high school anatomy class at WLC, solidified her true passion for medicine and science. She transferred the following year into the Health Sciences program.

One highlight of the program included the opportunity to learn health care skills in a variety of clinical settings. Anatomy and physiology of the body; pathophysiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, patient care and medical math were emphasized throughout her OSTC medical sciences course. She loved the opportunity to become certified in both Basic Life Support CPR and First Aid.

“These skills all helped me in applying for college,” said Kolin.

Her first brush with labor and delivery came during her clinical rotation at Providence Park Hospital in Novi. There she shadowed a labor and delivery nurse.

In addition, Kolin was doing all the right things to get accepted into college such as participating on the ski team, yearbook staff and obtaining industry credentials. She was earning good grades, obtaining letters of recommendation as well as taking advanced placement courses.

She graduated from high school and seamlessly completed her prerequisites for nursing at Oakland University. In the fall of 2017, she was accepted into Saginaw Valley State University’s Nursing Program.

After completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in December of 2019, she decided to specialize in Labor and Delivery Nursing. Today, Kolin is paying it forward by working as a Nurse Preceptor at Henry Ford Hospital, West Bloomfield.

“I hope I learn as much from her [nurse-in-training] as she does from me. There’s a shortage of healthcare workers. By giving OSTC a try, you will realize that this a great opportunity to try out what you like and don’t like,” Kolin explained.

“I couldn’t be prouder of my daughter with all of the good that she brings to these mothers and their newborn gifts of life. I am glad that my daughter was given the opportunity in high school to recognize the passion from within and prepare for her future education,” said Kelly Foucard, Kolin’s mother.

Kolin said she believes that her experience at OSTC gave her a competitive advantage and confidence to pursue healthcare.

“I am grateful to Mrs. Marx, my Anatomy teacher at Walled Lake Central and to OSTC Health Sciences instructors for solidifying my journey in healthcare. More students should take advantage of the opportunities to discover their talents at OSTC,” said Kolin.

It may not always be easy to choose a path that looks different from our peers. Kelsey Kolin is a great example of what can happen for students who pursue the path that is right for them. Kolin is happy that she took advantage of the opportunities that OSTC had in store for her.


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