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7th Annual Car Show at OSTC-SE

7th Annual Car Show at OSTC-SE

The Automotive Technology & Collision Repair and Refinishing programs at OSTC-SE organized their 7th Annual Car Show on Friday, May 5th. The event, conceived by Automotive Technology instructor Micah Graham, was a public gathering held in the school's back parking lot. Staff members Jerry Weston and Scott Kortlandt assisted in hosting duties, along with students from the Automotive Technology and Collision Repair and Refinishing programs. Students from all programs across the campus were given designated time slots to explore the showcased vehicles.

The car show showcased various automobiles, including vehicles brought in by staff, students, car club members, and transportation advisory business partners. Attendees eagerly examined the vehicles, with hoods popping open to reveal impressive engines. The event also included a delightful barbecue lunch prepared by the Collision Repair and Refinishing staff, adding to the enjoyable atmosphere of the day.

The 7th Annual Car Show at OSTC-SE served as a platform for automotive enthusiasts to come together and appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of various vehicles. The collaborative effort of the Automotive Technology & Collision Repair and Refinishing programs and the enthusiastic participation of staff and students made the event a resounding success.

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