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BPA National Competition in Anaheim, CA

BPA National Competition in Anaheim, CA

Computer Programming instructor Dan Krompatic, accompanied by counselor Angie Haley, embarked on a journey with two talented students to participate in the BPA (Business Professionals of America) National Leadership conference.

The conference provided an opportunity for students Sarah Phillips and Chidozie Nnaji to compete with top students from across the nation in the field of Computer Science. The students were grateful to travel to California, a first-time experience for both, and connect with like-minded peers.

During their trip, they joined forces with students from OSTC-SW. They embarked on a memorable tour, visiting iconic locations such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the renowned Beverly Hills Sign, and the Santa Monica Pier.

The students thoroughly enjoyed networking and building connections with their counterparts from various parts of the United States. Notably, Chidozie and a student from OSTC-SW collaborated on an app idea and are currently working together remotely to transform their concept into reality. Sarah experienced great excitement as she took the stage for her event and achieved certification in an impressive 11 different Computer Science topics. Both students’ dedication and hard work throughout the conference resulted in commendable outcomes, and their achievements filled their instructors with pride.

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