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Business Professionals of America Nationals in Chicago

Business Professionals of America Nationals in Chicago

Mr. Krompatic and Chef Toliver traveled with five Southeast students to Chicago to compete in the BPA Nationals Competition, where the best students from the U.S. gathered to compete in various events.

The Website Design Team of Tatyana Anissimov, Isaac Hatfield, Owen Murray, and Sarah Phillips placed fourth in the preliminary round out of ten teams.

Tair Karanfili placed 14th in Computer Network Technology, 15th in Network Administration Using Cisco, and 22nd in Information Technology Concepts.

Isaac Hatfield placed 14th in Python Programming. Sarah Phillips received second place in Digital Communication & Design Concepts.

We are thrilled to share some recent images showcasing the progress of the upgrades to our main entrance. These enhancements are designed to improve our campus's safety and aesthetics, ensuring a welcoming environment for all students, staff, and visitors.

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