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Construction Technology's Wall Raising

Construction Technology's Wall Raising

Throughout the course of the school year, Construction Technology students have worked together to build a 16’ x 64’ structure that mirrors the environment of an actual construction site.

On December 7 the task of raising the long walls was all hands on deck! Students utilized teamwork, communication skills, and patience to raise the wall simultaneously. By working together to raise the wall at a level pace they prevented the wall from bowing and potentially breaking. Energy/Electrical Technology students even pitch in to help.

To lift the wall it took three teams working cohesively:
• The team that raises the wall.
• The team that secures the wall to the floor frame.
• The bracing team that installs temporary braces, to secure the wall for stability and safety purposes.

Construction Technology instructor Jeff Bowman emphasized to students the importance of worksite safety being his highest priority.

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