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Criminal Justice Students Participate in Forensic Labs

Criminal Justice Students Participate in Forensic Labs

Under the guidance of Criminal Justice instructor Crystal Nowka, students had the opportunity to participate in two fascinating forensic/STEM-certified labs at Wayne State University.

These labs were conducted as part of the C2 Pipeline Innovation and Curiosity Center program. In the ballistics activity lab, students analyzed spent slugs found at a crime scene, employing their knowledge to determine the guilt or innocence of a suspect. The lab also involved learning about different types of ammunition and conducting a thorough ballistics forensic examination.

The second lab focused on blood spatter analysis, where students explored the properties of blood and its connection to blood spatter patterns. Through hands-on activities, students gained practical experience in investigating various types of blood spatter patterns, enhancing their understanding of this important aspect of forensic science.

Participation in these forensic/STEM-certified labs provided students with valuable insights into the field of criminal justice. Students developed their critical thinking and analytical skills by actively analyzing ballistic evidence and blood spatter patterns. The labs offered a unique opportunity to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical applications, fostering a deeper understanding of forensic science concepts.

The C2 Pipeline Innovation and Curiosity Center program at Wayne State University served as an excellent platform for students to explore the interdisciplinary nature of criminal justice and STEM fields, paving the way for their future academic and career pursuits in these areas.

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