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Culinary Arts/Hospitality Triumphs at ProStart Bootcamp Challenge

Culinary Arts/Hospitality Triumphs at ProStart Bootcamp Challenge

At a recent Prostart Air National Guard Event, five culinary students from OSTC-SE (Demaris Harvey, Abbie Roth, Anya Blaquiere, Matt Moore, and Kaitlynn Rowe) showcased their culinary prowess in military pop-up kitchens fueled by jet fuel. Assigned the task of creating a dessert sample for 200 middle school students, the students took on the challenge with enthusiasm.

Their assignment, an apple crumble, came with a unique twist - no recipe was provided. This required our students to rely on their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to devise the most effective approach to deliver a delectable final product within a specified timeframe.

During the planning stage, an unexpected hurdle arose: the students discovered that they had run out of oats for the crumble topping. Undeterred, they swiftly pivoted and decided to substitute the oat crumble with a pie dough crumble, a technique they had recently learned in class earlier that week.

Despite the unexpected ingredient shortage, the OSTC-SE students demonstrated resilience and adaptability, showcasing their ability to think on their feet and improvise in a high-pressure kitchen environment.

 At the conclusion of the event, the culinary students were honored with the prestigious Culinary Excellence Golden Spatula Award. This accolade recognized their creative problem-solving skills and the exceptional quality of the dessert they presented. The recognition serves as a testament to the dedication and skill of our culinary students at OSTC-SE.

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