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OSTC-SE FIRST Team Competes at the World Championship Competition

OSTC-SE FIRST Team Competes at the World Championship Competition

The Southeast Campus' FIRST team, known as "The Crew" with team number 7769, recently competed at the World Championships held in Houston, Texas. The team achieved commendable rankings, placing 156th in the USA out of 2,686 teams and 174th in the world out of 3,294 teams in the Global Offensive Power ranking. This accomplishment reflects the dedication and technical skills of the students involved.

Steve Smitka, the ERM (Engineering, Robotics, & Mechatronics) instructor and FIRST team leader, expressed his enthusiasm for the program's impact on student learning and career readiness skills. The team benefits from the mentorship and financial support of industry partners, some of whom also serve on the ERM advisory board. The strong collaboration between the team and these partners has resulted in notable achievements, including one of their alumni being hired into the MAT2 apprentice program with Brose, a corporate sponsor.

The FIRST robotics experience emphasizes the importance of teamwork, attracting students from various fields of study such as ERM, programming, cyber, welding, graphics, and construction. The Southeast Campus team currently holds the impressive 5th ranking in the state among 479 teams in Michigan. Their notable awards for the year include being the Wayne State District Champion, winning the Autonomous Award at the Wayne State District, receiving the Quality Award at the Troy District, being the Michigan State Championship Aptiv Division Champion as the captain of the 5th alliance, receiving the Team Spirit Award in the Aptiv Division, and securing 3rd place in the State Championship Finals Tournament.

The participation of students from Engineering, Robotics, & Mechatronics, Computer Programming, and Graphic and Communication Design showcases the interdisciplinary nature of the FIRST team. The World Championships in Houston gave the Southeast Campus students an invaluable opportunity to showcase their skills and knowledge in robotics and engineering while fostering teamwork and connections with industry professionals.

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