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OSTC-Southeast FIRST Robotics Team Kicks Off the 2023-24 Season

OSTC-Southeast FIRST Robotics Team Kicks Off the 2023-24 Season

Excitement filled the air as OSTC-Southeast's FIRST robotics team, known as The CREW (Team 7769), debuted at the "Kettering Kickoff" event at Kettering University on Saturday, Sept. 23. This marked a momentous occasion for the team, and they certainly left their mark.

The CREW showcased their prowess in the intense qualifying rounds, finishing with a commendable 4-2 record and securing the 8th position out of 38 competing teams. This impressive performance led them to captain the sixth alliance, a testament to their strategic acumen and teamwork. Although their tournament journey ended sooner than expected with back-to-back matches, their dedication shone brightly.

One remarkable aspect of OSTC's FIRST robotics team is its inclusivity. Any student enrolled in any program at OSTC-Southeast can join, regardless of prior experience. FIRST offers a global platform for students to hone engineering, programming, fabrication, business marketing, and more skills while being part of The CREW. It's an opportunity to embark on an exciting robotics journey, and Team 7769 welcomes all aspiring innovators to join their ranks.

OSTC-SE 2023 First Robotics 7769  team work together

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