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Students Excel in Reach and Teach Rocks Campus Tour Video Contest

Students Excel in Reach and Teach Rocks Campus Tour Video Contest

Entrepreneurship and Advanced Marketing program students showcased their creativity and teamwork by competing in the Reach and Teach Rocks Campus Tour video contest.

Throughout the school year, these students dedicated themselves to crafting a compelling video entry, taking charge of everything from prop creation to video editing. Remarkably, both morning and afternoon sessions collaborated harmoniously to produce a single, cohesive video, highlighting their collective effort and ownership of the project.

The Reach and Teach Rocks Campus Tour competition provided an ideal platform for students to apply their skills and gain hands-on experience in planning, promoting, and producing actual entertainment broadcasts. By setting ambitious goals, identifying target markets, and overseeing logistical details, students honed their entrepreneurial and marketing acumen and developed essential soft skills such as communication and problem-solving.

Through initiatives like the Reach and Teach program, students are inspired to explore diverse career paths and embrace innovative teaching methodologies, fostering meaningful partnerships between schools and industry/community leaders.

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