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Students Travel to Chelsea for a Unique Field Trip

Students Travel to Chelsea for a Unique Field Trip

On Tuesday, Nov. 29 Graphic and Communication Design students and staff traveled to Chelsea to visit Sheridan Books, an industrial printing and distribution company.

Graphic and Communication Design Instructor Steve Green described the distance learning opportunity, “Sheridan covers the gamut of the industry. The facility in Chelsea is enormous. One of the few in the country that produces virtually everything in-house. We got to see embossing, foil stamping, die-cutting, sheetfed printing, web printing, digital printing, cutting, folding, gathering, stitching, perfect binding, case binding, as well as finishing operations. It was a very “hands-on” tour. Students were encouraged to interact with equipment operators and enjoyed doing so. Lots of questions were asked, and lots of industry knowledge was gained.”

es students gain in the program have provided them with personal insight which has helped solidify productive lifelong choices.

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