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Farm-to-Table Experience

students delivered an farm-to-table experience

OSTC-Southwest Agriscience and Environmental Technologies and Culinary Arts/Hospitality students merged to deliver an amazing farm-to-table experience!

The 2022 farm-to-table initiative offered students an opportunity to build a local, healthy, equitable and sustainable plate of food. Over the course of three separate days, students learned about proper stockmanship, feed, carcass evaluation, “fabrication” of a chicken and where our food comes from.

The celebration capped off the end of the Broiler Chicken Contest for Agriscience students who placed 62nd out of 177 entries in terms of weight, conformation and general knowledge of the proper care for raising chicks from one day old to six-week-old hens and roosters.

Students gained the necessary skills for a successful career in the production, selection, use and management of organic chickens. The OSTC-Southwest farm-to-table movement was an ambitious initiative of the program instructors which took place over a six-week period.

Once the remaining cocks and pullets were five - seven pounds, they were taken to a local food processor and delivered back to the campus where the Culinary Arts students degreased, dressed, marinated, and baked the chicken with Mise en place. Some of the chicken was rendered and made into chicken stock. This process entailed using farm fresh products such as poultry, butter, spices, and vegetables to produce a plated meal for the students.

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