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Staff Spotlight: Moses Lukwago, Cybersecurity Networking Instructor

Moses Lukwago, OSTC-SW Cybersecurity Networking

Moses Lukwago is the Cybersecurity Networking instructor at OSTC-Southwest and has played an integral role at the Southwest campus for 22 years, teaching both Computer Networking and Cybersecurity during that time.

Mr. Lukwago has been in the profession of education since 1981 when he migrated to Ontario, Canada from his homeland of Uganda. Over the course of his career, he has taught in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, China, Canada and the United States.

During his time at the Southwest campus, Moses has driven students to succeed at the regional and state level in competitions related to Computer Networking. His proudest moments are when his students excel in the professional world after taking his course.

Outside of work, Mr. Lukwago is passionate about community organizing. Recently, he has built community gardens in both Ann Arbor and Detroit. He has also organized economic initiatives in Uganda.

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